At Arrival we are creating a paradigm shift — a best in class electric vehicle at the price of a fossil fuel one. This is a Generation 2 electric vehicle. It is the only way we all get the benefits of going electric.
Arrival Van — up to 4250kg
Our mission is to invent affordable electric vehicles for mass adoption that have a positive impact. If we do what every other automotive company does, we will end up with the same results — Generation 1, which is expensive and niche.
Instead, we create unique technologies and design every aspect of our products to craft the world's first Generation 2 electric vehicle.
Top UK Startups 2019
Our culture is our foundation. We have the freedom to find new boundaries, driven by curiosity.
Recently featured in LinkedIn's Top 25 UK Startups to work for, our 600+ team is an exceptional blend of software, tech, product, design and automotive talent. We are looking for the brightest minds to join our journey.
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