Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System 2ch
AVAS 2ch
Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System 2ch

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) is a required accessory for electric vehicles in many countries. Increase safety and comfort by adding sounds to the vehicle.

  • 8 - 32 V
    Operating Voltage
  • 60 W
    Output Power per Channel
  • 8
    Customisable Sounds
  • 22
    Configurable Triggers
  • 0.3 kg
Make your vehicle standards compliant
It is designed to emit vehicle warning sounds and alert pedestrians to the presence of electric drive vehicles with full compliance with American and European standards FMVSS §571.141 and UN ECE 138-01
Custom sounds
You can add up to 8 custom sounds and assign them to different triggers. One group of sounds will be played when the vehicle is moving, and other sounds will play when charging starts, and doors are locked.
CAN Audio Streaming
Add AVAS and forget about the need for expensive audio cables. With CAN Audio Streaming enabled device, you can deliver audio to the AVAS and it will play it.
Synchronous playing
When you need to add sounds to a large vehicle, such as a bus, you will need to use multiple AVAS. Our solution allows you to add sounds in groups across multiple AVAS to make sure sounds will play synchronously.
Technical Details
  • Voltage
    • 8 - 32 V
  • Current Consumption at 12V (sleep mode)
    • 2 mA
  • Number of Channels
    • 2x
  • Max. Ouput Power per Channel (at Rload =4 Ohm, Vsup = 24 V)
    • 60 W
  • Internal Memory
    • 32 MB
  • Interfaces
    • CAN/CAN-FD
Software Features
  • Synchronous Playing
  • Configurable CAN ID
  • Remote Wake-Up
  • Automatic Load Impedance Meter
  • AVAS Function
  • Sound Aid Device
  • CAN Stream Audio player
  • Self Diagnostic
  • Sleep Mode
Operating Conditions
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • -40°C to +75°C
  • Ingress Protection
    • IP5K0
Mechanical Specification
  • Dimensions
    • 100 x 100 x 20 mm
  • Mass
    • 0.3 kg