Battery Module 400V 3.7kWh
Battery Module 400V 3.7kWh

The extreme scalability of the Battery Module allows a huge range of battery pack sizes from 3.7kWh to 370kWh. As greater energy is required, more modules are simply added in parallel. Modules can be added anytime, with little integration effort, allowing vehicle packs to be reduced or enlarged through life as needed.

  • 400 V
  • 3.7 kWh
    Energy stored by one module
  • 19.2 kg
  • 400 V
  • 350 x 350 x 100 mm
    Dimensions in mm
Modular design
Battery energy capacity is only limited by vehicle requirements and available space and can be scaled from 3.7kWh to 370kWh with 3.7kWh step
Every module has several levels of protection: high-quality cells protected from external short circuits, integrated BMS, which prevents safe operation violations, and HV-fuse protects against external short circuits.
Precise cell voltage sensors and relatively low-capacity cells are essential for accurate cell health monitoring, which mitigates risks of unexpected battery failures and reduced performance.
The design of the Battery Module can significantly reduce the vehicle development cycle: with at least one module, integration of the HV-System can be done in a few hours.
Technical Details
  • Architecture
    • 400 V
  • Energy Capacity
    • 3.7 kWh
  • Usable Energy Capacity
    • 3 kWh
  • Voltage Nominal
    • 375 V
  • Voltage Min
    • 255 V
  • Maximum Discharge Current (Continuous)
    • 15 A
  • Voltage Max
    • 428 V
  • Mounting
    • 4 x M6
  • Electrical
    • Compliant with Flex PCB & Cables
  • Communication
    • CAN
Operating Conditions
  • Operating Temperature *
    • -20°C to +55°C ambient discharge 0°C to +45 °C charge
  • Storage Temperature
    • -40°C to +55°C
Mechanical Specification
  • Dimensions
    • 350 x 350 x 100 mm
  • Mass
    • 19.2 kg
Other Details
  • Internal Monitoring
    • Output Voltage Sensing, Current Sensor, 7 Temperature Sensors
  • Internal Contactors
    • 3x High Voltage Contactors 40A Rated
  • Pre-Charge Capability
    • PTC-protected Internal Pre-Charge Circuit
  • Safety
    • Active Safety Monitoring System
  • Transportation
    • UN38.3