Camera-Monitor System
Camera-Monitor System

Camera-Monitor System that works with up to 8 HD cameras and is designed for Rear View Camera, Electronic Mirrors, Surround View, Video Streaming over Ethernet, Driver Monitoring, and Passenger Counting.

  • 12 – 24 V
    Operating Voltage
  • Up 4
    Displays supported
  • Up 8
  • 200 x 200 x 20
  • 860 g
Camera Monitor Systems
CMS module supports parallel work of multiple camera-monitor systems of all classes (from I to VI) according to UN R46.
Rear View Camera
Flexible setup for different vehicle types, distortion-free view, can be integrated with external HMI systems.
H.264 streaming of connected cameras via ethernet. Optional SSD drive and vision analytics
Edge Analytics
CMS is a computing platform for advanced vision analytics for CCTV, such as Passenger Counting, and ADAS applications
Driver Monitoring System
List of CMS features includes Driver Drowsiness Estimation, Driver Attentiveness Monitoring, Driver Gaze Tracking and Mapping as well as Occupancy Monitoring
Certification according to UN Regulation No. 10 and UN Regulation No. 46 has been done.
Technical Details
  • Max. Number of HD Cameras (FPD-Link III)
    • 8x
  • Display outputs (FPD-Link III)
    • 4x
  • Max. Number of Full HD Cameras (FPD-Link III)
    • 6x
    • 1x
  • Connectivity
    • 1x 1000Base-T
Operating Conditions
  • IP Raiting
    • IP54
  • Operating Temperature
    • -40°C to +75°C
  • Cooling
    • Passive air cooling
Mechanical Specification
  • Mass
    • 800 g
  • Dimensions
    • 200 x 200 x 20 mm
Other Details
  • Certification
    • UN Regulation No. 10, UN Regulation No. 46
  • Vibration Resistant & EMI/EMC Shielding
    • Vibration resistant & EMI/EMC shielding