IO Module Type A
IO Module Type A

IO Type A is a highly integrated ECU for 12V and 24V Devices. It provides CAN, LIN, and Automotive Ethernet interfaces, analog inputs, and power outputs. The IO Type A is intended to control low, medium, and high current loads: lamps, motors, pumps, heaters, etc.

  • 400 V
  • 0.88 kg
  • 8 - 32 V
    Operating Voltage
  • 8x
    Universal Inputs and Outputs (UIO)
  • 4x
    CAN interfaces
  • Analog Inputs
High Performance
High performance due to using of 32-bit Power Architecture VLE compliant CPU cores with 200 MHz clock frequency.
ISO 16750
The IO Module Type A is developed in accordance with corresponding protection requirements mentioned in ISO 16750 regarding ambient temperatures, vibrations, and shock as well as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
Flex-Logic Software
IO Module can be flashed with Flex-Logic rules. These rules are written using a simple-to-use and intuitive graphical interface and used to define the behavior of the IO Module. It allows reading from CAN, LIN, and analog and digital inputs and generating control signals on its output.
Communication Capabilities
Four independent CAN interfaces, one LIN and one Automotive Ethernet provide communication and data exchange (such as firmware, log files, unique identifiers, calibration data, and digital data) with electronic systems in a vehicle.
Technical Details
  • Architecture
    • 400 V
  • Voltage
    • 8 - 32 V
  • Standby Mode Current (VBAT = 12V)
    • 1.2 - 1.6 mA
  • Standby Mode Current (VBAT = 24V)
    • 8.7 - 9.2 mA
  • Operation Current (without load)
    • 100 mA
  • Discreet Inputs with PWM measurement
    • 4x
  • Universal Inputs and Outputs (UIO)
    • 8x
  • Full-bridge Output for Motor Control (30A load capability)
    • 1x
  • Full-bridge Outputs for Motor Control (10A load capability)
    • 3x
  • CAN Interfaces (total)
    • 4x
  • LIN interface
    • 1x
  • All full-bridge outputs can work as 2 independent power output
  • Automotive Ethernet (10/100) interface
    • 1x
  • Internal 5V power supply for external sensors
  • CAN Interfaces (with wake-up capability)
    • 1x
  • Analog Inputs
Operating Conditions
  • Storage Temperature
    • –40°C to +100°C
  • Operation Temperature
    • -40°C to 90°C
Mechanical Specification
  • Dimensions (without connectors)
    • 200 x 100 x 40 mm
  • Mass
    • 0.88 kg
  • Dimensions (with connectors)
    • 200 x 124 x 40 mm
Other Details
  • High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Hardware and software watchdog