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Frequently asked questions
What are the payment options when purchasing or leasing Arrival vehicles?We work with partners to provide simple and localised payment options for businesses. The supported options include: - Outright Purchase - Contract Hire - Hire Purchase
When will Arrival start production?We are currently going through the testing and validation process, as well as participating in trials with selected customers. Stay up-to-date with pre-orders, further trials and start of production dates by submitting your contact details on our survey form.
When will Arrival vehicles be available for sale in other markets?We are currently focusing on providing vehicles to larger fleets in North America and Europe, while also working with leasing companies across every market. Stay up-to-date on when we are entering your market by submitting your contact details on our survey form.
How does Arrival sell its vehicles?Arrival is a technology company, automotive manufacturer and retailer, all in one. To keep our carbon footprint small, we do not operate dealerships or stores. Instead, we keep our website,, updated with important vehicle information. You can register your interest in Arrival vehicles. We are glad to take into account your wishes and contact you as soon as the sale process is launched.
What are the operational costs for an electric van compared to an internal combustion engine van?The operational costs for an internal combustion engine (ICE) van normally consist of fuel cost, service and maintenance costs, and consumable items. Depending on the period of operation or ownership, some components of the ICE van might need to be repaired or replaced, which would increase the operational cost significantly. For an electric van, the operational costs include energy costs, service and maintenance costs, and related consumable items similar to an ICE van. Generally, an electric van would have lower operational costs than an ICE van thanks to a cheaper cost per km compared to diesel. Additionally, fewer parts need to be serviced and maintained. Our goal is to make electric vehicles mainstream. To do that, we believe new electric vehicles need to have comparable or lower operational costs than ICE vehicles, which is why Arrival utilises our proprietary composite materials to increase durability and optimises vehicle components by designing them to minimise vehicle downtime.
What is the difference between the Cargo and the Walk-in Van?With a cabin sliding passenger door, passenger folding seat and cargo partition door, the Delivery Van was designed especially for urban parcel and package delivery. The Cargo Van is a multi-purpose utility vehicle for all other sectors, with a solid partition, side loading door and rear twin doors. Both vehicles are designed to a high base specification with ADAS, in-cabin technology and connectivity features.
What is the warranty coverage on an Arrival vehicle?At Arrival, build quality and reliability are key values so all of our Vans will be backed by a competitive bumper to bumper and battery warranty. The exact details will be released closer to the start of sales.
How do I get service and support for my Arrival vehicle?Every vehicle is designed to maximise uptime, with damage-resiliant composite materials and easily upgradeable plug and play components. But if something does go wrong, we offer servicing and maintenence support. This servicing and maintenance support includes on-site support as required, remote diagnostic work and access to Arrival’s constantly growing list of approved service partners. Our fault-detection software provides real-time analytics to catch faults before they become an issue, and will then determine exactly what’s gone wrong, arrange for part replacements in advance and assign an Arrival-authenticated technician to come make any repairs – all in one quick and streamlined process.
How will I insure an Arrival vehicle?We are collaborating with the insurance industry to demonstrate the safety and repairability of our vehicles, which will ensure access to a range of insurance providers and policies for Arrival vehicle owners. In parallel, we are using our unique understanding of the vehicle and its connected capabilities to provide traditional and innovative insurance solutions suited to Arrival vehicle owners' needs.